Soul-Full Healing


Healing Touch

The goal of Healing Touch is to restore wholeness, harmony and balance to the total person. I understand Healing Touch to be a philosophy, a way of caring, and a sacred healing art. Healing Touch is defined as energy based therapeutic approach to healing and wellness. It uses a collection of bio-field techniques to assess and treat the human energy system, thus affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. Healing touch influences the energy system that is our personal life energy. By assessing, treating and evaluating the energy system, the practitioner with the client assists the body to reduce stress levels, relieve pain, alleviate fatigue, promote restful sleep and boost the immune system.

The deepest goal of Healing Touch is to restore wholeness, harmony, and balance in the system of the body which in turn places the person in a position to self heal.  Many people practice Healing Touch, we come from different spiritual backgrounds, bringing our own personal life experience to the healing encounter, including our spiritual experiences and perspectives of God.  The practitioner and the client set a mutual goal of healing; I believe the experience is much like the Bible passage which states, “where ever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I with them.” (MT 18:20)   The meeting of the practitioner and the client together with the set intention and mutual goal and the Universal Life Energy creates a transformation for the individual.   Stress is relieved, pain is often drained off, healing of wounds and injuries is promoted, and a deep sense of serenity, joy and a deeper connection of God is experienced.

Healing Touch and Religion

Suzanne believes that Healing Touch is truly a continuation of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The miraculous healings of Jesus are depicted throughout the New Testament stories. People were transformed as individuals by the healing power of Jesus as they came to a new understanding of themselves in relationship with others and with God. Many times the individual was completely healed and yet other times the healing was less obvious, possibly a shift of life views or a complete life transformation. Through the Holy Spirit we are promised a direct connection with the powerful presence of Jesus Christ.